Ministry Partners

Ministry Partners

We are completely dependent upon our ministry partners who make all our work with orphaned and vulnerable children possible!


We have learned that nothing can happen separate from committed partners who consistently pray for the direction and growth of the ministry, the health and safety of our staff, and for our international partners, and caregivers, in trauma support and education.

Pray for the children to have a trauma competent adult loving them into hope and healing.

Please email us if you would like to be part of our prayer team.

Financial Support

Click here to submit a donation or to become a sponsor.

Child Life Sponsorships

You can change the life of a child and reveal the love of God in action, through your generous financial partnerships. When you sponsor a child – you don’t only change their lives, but you change your own. (Please fill out Child Sponsorships Form on this page.)

Disaster and Orphan Trafficking Prevention

It is only due to the generous donations of ministry partners, that we are able to provide Disaster Trafficking Prevention Training, and send volunteers into the field to work with orphanage caregivers, foster parents, and international ministry partners.

Natural disasters are unpredictable, your financial partnerships will keep us deployment ready, enabling us to train and respond in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster.

Please mark your donations: DOTP

Trauma Education Partnerships

Bringing hope and healing to traumatized orphaned, vulnerable, and exploited children and their caregivers is only possible because of committed partners like you.

Please mark your donation: TEP

Administration – Four Letter Word (Actually it’s a four-teen letter word)

Large organizations understand the principle that it takes money to make money. From social media, websites and searches, to paper, stamps and banners we appreciate each one of our partners monetary donations, as well as talents and in kind services.

Please mark your donation: ADMN

Mission Partner

As a Chaplain to orphaned and vulnerable children her entire adult life, Jamie Grubb has always been involved with children and young adults. Together Jamie and her husband David have provided respite care, fostered, adopted, counseled families, held attachment theory training sessions for school teachers, and founded Compassionate Reach International, to strengthen families, and provide trauma support and hope to individuals, families, and children, who are suffering from grief, loss, and traumatic stress.

With the increasing demand for trauma care, Jamie and David Grubb are actively seeking committed financial partners to enable them share the love of God through trauma support, education, and humanitarian aid, throughout the world on a full time basis.

Your monthly financial partnership of $300, $200, $100, or  $50 is greatly appreciate as we partner together to serve hurting kids.

Please fill out Ministry Partner Form

If you can picture yourself as a full time missionary to hurting people please drop us a note.

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