For All Kids

For All Kids

One of our favorite programs is our feeding initiative. One of the criticisms that is often stated about sponsorships, is that they help one child above another, often raising one child out of poverty while leaving another behind.

Our feeding initiatives address every poor child during special events. It is from these initiatives, that together with our health workers, we can identify those with the most immediate need for intervention.

There will always be economic disparities among people from every nation, but we endeavor for every child to know that they are loved and appreciated. Not only do these program feed the kids, but they aid in community cohesion and self-efficacy, while identifying needs.

Mostly, they reveal that God cares for them and they are never alone.

You can help us celebrate with the children by sponsoring a feeding program in the post disaster nations we serve.

For about $1 per child, we can provide a celebration during holidays and special events, complete with nutritious meals, weights and measurements by local health workers, games, and religious instruction.

Thanks to our generous donors we are providing thousands of holiday meals, care, and fun, to children living in poverty.

A $500 donation will feed the most needy children for one day of celebration. $1,000 contributes to a holiday celebration spanning several days – enough to bring some children above the mark of being malnourished! 

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