Child Life Sponsorships

Child Life Sponsorships

You can change the life of a child by becoming their Child Life Sponsor.

Child Life Sponsorships help to provide for the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs in our program. In addition, our School Sponsorships provide everything that a child needs for a full year of school including books, school uniforms, supplies and transportation.

Sponsoring children helps to maintain Family Preservation by empowering families to stay together.


Poverty accounts for approximately 80% of children who are separated from parental care and relinquished to orphanages.


Research has proven that the best place for a child to develop healthy attachments, and proper emotional, psychological, and social skills, is within his or her family, and community.

Our Child Life Sponsorships provide orphaned, and vulnerable children from post disaster areas, an opportunity to succeed. The emotional impact of poverty combined with the trauma of a natural disaster, is extremely traumatic – a family should not also fear being ripped apart.

For just $60 per month – the average price of dining out for one meal, you can provide nutrition, clothing, and medical care to a traumatized orphaned or vulnerable child.
For an additional $10 per month, just 30 cents per day, you can provide your child with an education.

Priority is given to orphaned children, and those families have been impacted the most by natural disasters.

You can learn more about why we provide the kind of sponsorship we do on our Family Preservation page and in our Q & A forum.


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