Approximately 140 million children worldwide are orphaned and another 160 million children live in extreme poverty. Poverty, hunger, exploitation, lack of education, and social isolation, are just a few of the stressors that vulnerable children in developing countries face every day.

These traumatic experiences have the potential to impact every area of a child’s development, and relationships, also increasing the risk for post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Children represent almost half of the approximately 900 million people living in extreme poverty. Families all over the world are struggling to provide their children with the most basic needs in food, healthcare, and shelter.

62 million children worldwide suffer from acute malnutrition, and 1 in every 7 children are underweight. Another 124 million children are not receiving an education, and those numbers have been increasing (Unicef 2016).

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Roughly 1.2 million children are trafficked every year, and this number doesn’t include the approximately 20.9 million souls who have already been enslaved.

Children separated from parental care are particularly vulnerable to becoming sexually exploited and trafficked. Poverty, a lack of trafficking awareness and education, children aging out of orphanages, as well as natural disasters and war, all put children at a greater risk of becoming victims of slavery.

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  • Christmas Presents for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

    Christmas Presents for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

    Christmas is just around the corner. For many Filipino children Christmas is remembered as a Holy Day, but without the joy of presents.

    Between now and October 30th, we are collecting gallon zip lock bags of presents to be sent to the poorest of the poor, who are still recovering from the Super-Typhoon of 2013. In return, you will be able to see joy on the faces of the children when we take pictures at the celebration.

    Our goal is to provide at least 200 children with presents. Will you help us show a village the love of Christ this Christmas?

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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Part 2

There are serious dangers lurking in the aftermath of natural disasters.  Natural disasters have been identified as one of the leading causes of sexual exploitation and trafficking. “While human trafficking generally does not increase in the immediate days and weeks …

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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Part 1

21 million children and adults are slaves. These modern day slaves are held in forced bondage, forced labor, and forced into sexual exploitation and trafficking (SET) around the world. Many of the adults in forced bondage have been there since …

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Holy Love in the Philippines

As we enter into the weekend, please consider how selfless servants in developing countries spend their Holy Week, and may we learn from them as we read the words of Filipino volunteer, Bryan Mattilano, ” Compassionate Reach International , together with my …

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